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The LSAT and Law School Admissions


7Sage Admissions Consultant. Former law school admissions, scholarships, and career services professional.
7Sage Tutoring Manager
Chris began his LSAT journey back in 2017 while working a full-time job. Chris specializes in simplifying complex LSAT language, and he's passionate about helping his students achieve consistent, great results.
Nick scored a 176 on the LSAT in 2020, and believes that with a proper approach to studying, anyone can improve in a big way, regardless of where they start!
LSAT tutor at 7Sage.
Former law school admissions officers and professional writers.
LSAT tutor and soon-to-be law student! Scored an 180 in 2020 and is dedicated to helping others reach their LSAT goals
LSAT enthusiast, political nerd, ice cream connoisseur
Tutor at 7Sage
Raphael Piliero is a manager and tutor with 7Sage.
7Sage admissions consultant, occasional dispenser of interesting law school news and thoughts, permanent resource for discussions about baseball and bbq.
An LSAT tutor, English teacher, and future law student!
LSAT Tutor at 7Sage
7Sage Tutor.
Henry is an LSAT tutor and soon-to-be law student. He loves to help students along their LSAT journey without getting discouraged or quitting before they reach their full potential. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his two small dogs.
Hi there! I'm Aiman, one of the tutors for 7Sage. I had a long LSAT journey myself and am passionate about helping students excel in their goals.
Scott is a career teacher with more than a decade of experience. As an LSAT tutor, Scott is a strong believer that with the right training regimen, anyone can master the LSAT.